5 Small scale business ideas and ways of starting them in Chennai

Chennai is the south Indian state with most visited foreigners from all over the world. Not only its culture and tradition but also faster growing industries and also rapid increase in IT companies have made the state popular from a decade. Chennai is also known as the educational centre of India and mainly south India as it has large number of colleges and institutes for graduation as well as for training graduates. Automobile industries in Chennai manufacture half of the automobile parts of India and also have the largest export business turnover when compared to all other states in India. If you are a residence of South India then starting a small scale business in Chennai or else investing in any startups will be much profitable as advised by business experts. It is quite obvious that minimum investment on the business will surely be on the head of a novice but beginning with low investment business such as home business can support you for further extensions in Chennai.

The basic thing that is required for the small scale business in Chennai in home is skills or experience in other companies. If you are a fresher then you should make sure to clarify yourself about the future of the business and how your skills can be used to accelerate the progress of the started business. However, there are scopes for many business ideas in Chennai that needs zero investment or small capital but can grow up into a profitable company if nurtured well with proper consistency.

Few small Scale business ideas in Chennai

There are a few selected best business ideas that require minimum investment or even no investment in Chennai but can earn high profits. These business ideas are arranged based on their scope of getting profits faster with minimum investments by a deeper analysis.

1. Consultancy or Recruitment Firm: – Having a good network from the graduation can help you a lot in future. If you are close to the placement managers of your college then you can open a recruitment firm for the unemployed and can gain commission as a profit. There is large demand of recruitment firm in Chennai due to the increase of colleges and no campus placement taking place in them. If you can keep communicating with lots of companies for recruitments then surely many students will show interests. This small scale business in Chennai requires almost zero investment.

2. Food Trucks: – Most people in Chennai are busy with their office works and it takes until evening to reach home. In this scenario none can go to market to buy groceries and cook in house or else go to hotel for a dinner. Therefore two options becomes helpful, one is online food order or food trucks. It is a well known fact that even though food seems to be tasty, online food order is expensive and gets cool while delivered and thus food trucks will definitely work in any society in Chennai. All you have to do is arrange a mini truck or van and arrange a chef or if you have cooking skills then there will be no need of investing in a cook too.

3. Blogging and Web Designing: – Starting a blog or a website is also the best small scale business in Chennai in home. If you have good skills in web designing, graphic designing and content building then you can surely earn good money with the website through Adsense. There are many bloggers earning lots of money by running ads on their websites. Multiply your websites to enlarge your scale of profits.

4. Delivery: – It is a mere fact that online shopping is mostly preferred by most of Indians but the delivery of the product takes more time that bothers the buyers. This happens due to the lack of delivery firms. If you can gather a group of your peers to start a delivery firm collaborating with a renowned online store then it will be a good source of money too. This small scale business in India has made many people rich too, but consistency plays a major role here.

5. Real Estate Consultant: – With the increase in population, the demand for real estate properties have also grown in Chennai. A real estate consultant can surely earn profit and also lots of customers just with the deal of one to two percent of commission. Having a network with advocates and municipal officer can help you start this small scale business in Chennai that can witness rapid progress in future.

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