What Are False Teeth? (Complete Guide)

False teeth are called dentures. These are the ones which are used as a replacement for the missing teeth of yours. They’re made from Nylon, acrylic or metal. Also, they do the work over the gums of teeth and also they are able to even replace all of the teeth of an individual.

There are the ones which have varied edges of properly fitted false teeth that embrace improvement in speech, increase within the self-assurance, higher consumption capabilities and many other things.

False teeth may give additional protection to your remaining teeth moreover.

What are the different types of false teeth?

There are actually different kinds of denture that we have out there that embrace full dentures further as partial dentures.

All of them will need fitting due to the very fact that they are doing ought to match with the form, size and additionally color of your teeth. These fittings will solely be done by the specialists who are known as the prosthodontist or even by the general dentists.

Partial dentures

These are the ones which are used for the false tooth given that an individual has teeth that are actually still healthy.

The dentures here are typically clipped around the teeth that continue to be healthy.

These are the ones which have clips which could be visible once someone talks.

Full dentures

These teeth are false teeth dentures that are usually used only if an individual loses all of his teeth. There can actually be a no. of reasons such as the infection, injury or any medical condition as a result of that an individual may want artificial teeth.

These artificial teeth here do set sit on the plate against the gums of a person. The plate similarly here the gum fittings is formed of an acrylic or metal.

Adhesive for the fake teeth available also can be used to with the help of which the dentures will stay within the correct place.

Removable denturesTooth bad

These here are the normal ones and are available with edges like simple to wash.

They are conjointly liable to slipping very easily from their place simply, thus it’s suggested that foods that are sticky, chewy or onerous ought to be avoided.


Adhesives will facilitate to place them within the correct position however are usually typically troublesome to use.

The dentures that are removable last quite five years.

Flexible dentures

These also here are an alternate for the standard dental plate dentures that are quite standard. They are the product of the fabric that is extraordinarily sturdy and conjointly versatile and is also better-off.

These are also the ones which have very less weight and extremely less bulky. They are simply going to last you for around five years to eight years.

All in All

There are many side effects of false teeth and you need to have time to time maintenance of them. False tooth prices are actually on the expensive side. You can also get complete artificial teeth set as well according to your demand.

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